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Everything you need to know about CBD [Cannabidiol]

I’m sure you’ve noticed, CBD has become one of the most talked about topics in the medical world. Well, it’s time for you to learn a bit more about CBD and find some answers to the most frequently asked question.

1) What is CBD?

Great question! First CBD is short for Cannabidiol, it’s 1 of over 60 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant and is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in the plant. For reference, THC is also a chemical compound found in cannabis, but we’re not going to talk about that. People use it to treat a huge laundry list of ailments and is normally prescribed by doctors in the UK.

2) Where does CBD come from, Hemp or Marijuana?

You’ll actually find CBD in both Marijuana and Hemp alike. However hemp produces the highest levels of CBD is why hemp is used widely in the production of CBD products.

3) IS CBD from hemp stronger than CBD from Marijuana?

No, it;s the same chemical compound found in both plants so they are both just as strong.

4) In short, what’s the difference between CBD and THC?

Well to start CBD is non psychoactive which means it will not get you high like THC. When ingested, CBD and THC bind to 2 different receptors in your nervous system

5) Will CBD ever get me high?

No, CBD is non psychoactive so it will not get you high, but you may notice your body feeling a little different when first taking CBD. It’s a different feeling for everyone and really depends on how your bodies endocannabinoid system reacts with the CBD.

6) How can I take CBD?

There are many different ways to take CBD,

  1. Vaping: This method allows the CBD to reach your bloodstream the fastest and therefore feeling it’s effects the fastest.
  2. Taken orally: This means taking our full spectrum cbd oil tinctures by dripping the oils into your mouth and holding it under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before completely swallowing it. It’s not the fastest way to be absorbed by your body but the effects will last the longest as your body absorbs the CBD. As a personal CBD user myself I like to vape and use the oil tinctures side by side. Take a few puffs for the fast acting relief and 1 full dropper of 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture for its longer lasting effects.


7) Is CBD natural or is it man made?

CBD is a 100% Natural Occurring chemical compound that is found in both Marijuana and Hemp.

8) Will CBD show up on a drug test?

High quality CBD products with zero THC will not show up on a drug test. Products with THC will. We pride ourselves in having 100% THC free products.

9) How much CBD should I take if it’s my first time trying it?

We recommend starting with the lowest amount of CBD for first timers. We offer both 250mg CBD Vape juice and 500mg CBD Full Spectrum Oil Tinctures. Try it and adjust your dosing as needed. You’ll find the dosing levels on all Avida Product pages.

10) Will I feel the effects of the CBD instantly?

Some people feel the effects within hours of taking CBD while others need to be on a regular regimen for their bodies to feel a difference.

Does CBD Oil really work?

There has been so much media coverage and countless testimonials where CBD has helped someone, and it is not surprising that some people are curious to know if it is indeed really that good. The benefits of the CBD oil seem endless, and its use is related to ailments that commonly affect regular people.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of CBD oil, and in this article, we will be discussing some of those case studies that have real-life instances where CBD oil worked.

First, a quick look at how CBD works.

The process of healing and alleviating certain health conditions have been traced to the ability of CBD to mimic, control, or stimulate the natural production of certain compounds in the body to promote good health and or the prevention of illnesses. For example, an endocannabinoid is a compound naturally found in our human neuromodulatory system. The endocannabinoids are known to play a crucial role in the control of human emotions, thus acting as anti-depressants to prevent depression and to soothe the nerves. CBD has been found to possess those properties. When consumed, CBD can help people dealing with depression and anxiety.

In another study to prove that CBD helps in providing relief from aches and pains, it was discovered that the anandamides which are known to be responsible for the regulation of pain in the human system are easily bound to the receptors of CBD in our human system. It was also discovered that our human system is packed with CBD receptors which makes it easier for people who use it to experience fast relief from pain because the anandamides are found in all parts of the body. Anandamides are also responsible for our appetite, which proves that CBD does stimulate appetite in patients.

The cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 are very active transmitters, and they function greatly with our system to increase the chances of every experiencing the actual benefits of CBD.

However it’s not always the case, there have been cases when CBD simply had no effects on the ned user. Our body and it’s systems are complex, and in some people, the CBD receptors may just be hindered due to complex biological situations.

Here at AVIDA CBD, we offer CBD oil in its purest form for you to enjoy the many benefits. CBD oil which can be safely Vaped or Consumed orally by every user.  For an added assurance AVIDA CBD products have been assessed by third parties to confirm the promised potency in treating different health conditions. With the users’ benefits in mind, our CBD oil has been sourced from well-managed hemp farms which are herbicide and pesticide free.

Your odds are high if it works you stand to enjoy enormous benefits from CBD oil. Shop AVIDA CBD Vape Juice Tinctures.